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Chris Mentillo is an award winning Hip Hop, R&B Pop song-writer and Record Label CEO & Founder of Got Money Records.


Chris Mentillo Born January 30, 1968 (age 41) Origin Auburn, New York, U.S. aka - doc, doc mentillo, D.O.C., UNK, Big Unk, Biggi Unk, Dr UNK, Radio Doc, Dr Chris Mentillo, Dr. Mentillo.

  • Chris Mentillo, Ph.D.,[1] AKA, "Doc Mentillo," born January 30, 1968 is an American best-selling writer, award winning song-writer, screen-writer [2] television & movie producer, [3] talk show host, [4] businessman, & record label founder. He is also known for his spiritual and paranormal writings,(particularly memoirs and autobiographical sketches, along with screen-writings which he has documented, involving his own encounters and experiences), as well as his many entrepreneur and business ventures.

Business ventures

  • Chris Mentillo was born in Auburn, New York. As a child, he lived and grew up in Skaneateles, New York. At the age of 8 years old, while living in Skaneateles, his first business venture was owning a newspaper delivery business. In January of 2007 he became the CEO of Chris Mentillo Productions, and an American record label company called, Got Money Records [6][7][8][9] In 2009, Chris Mentillo recently signed a legal contract with Michael Wilkerson and his company called, Blastzone Entertainment Group along with it's distributor's both Koch Records (which is now formally called E1 Music) & Epic Records.[10][11][12]


  • Chris Mentillo AKA "Doc Mentillo, Radio Doc." As an Artist, Doc Mentillo is an award-winning song-writer, CEO of Chris Mentillo Productions and record label founder of Got Money Records. Doc has written numerous songs, and has performed well as an actor. Some of the more notable artists Doc has written songs for, or worked with, are Jamie Foxx, Rick Ross & Nox.

2007 Controversy

  • In 2007-2009, Chris Mentillo AKA, Doc Mentillo has spent much time fighting court appointed papers served by both the Suffolk County, and Norfolk County Sheriff'S Department. This is due partly from the loss of the majority of his networth from extortioners who would later be identified as some of the most notorious drug cartel king pins in the world. Doc who's family Heritage ironically stems from Sicilian decent would later be quoted saying in response to the incident, "I really had know idea they were bad, bad people." Doc and his family had fallen victim into the hands of a very dangerous and powerful mob Syndicate. Eventually he was forced --- non-consending to forfeit much of his networth over to the hands of the Columbian cartel and other reputable organized crime family members who stalked out doc for his fortune. During this time Chris Mentillo had at least 2 contracts out on him to be put to death if he didn't agree to the members extortion plans. Eventually during these contracts, Doc was shot once, and stabbed several times but managed to escape with his life.

Ministry work

  • Chris Mentillo currently sits on the Board of Directors for a non-profit 501(c)3 organization called, The Chapel of Light Ministries, Inc.[13] As a result of his ministry work, Chris Mentillo has received several honorary doctorate degrees, including an earned doctorate degree in Alternative Medicine, and Divinity.[14][15]

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