Brick City

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Brick City

Newark, New Jersey. Largest city in NJ. Has only recently started to recover from the devestating 1967 riots and the after effects thereof. Called Brick City due to the large number of high rise brick housing projects, most of which have been torn down. The name Brick City was coined by Ron Muhammad who has a clothing line of the same name since 1982.The name originated from the clothing line. A popular group from Brick City was The Outsidaz.Also known as 1 of the hardest cities in America today.

Brick City 45th

Somerville, aka Villeside, Massachusetts. Home of H-Block is one of the denses cities in the US, named after the large number of projects in this area of Boston. 45th comes from the end of the zip code 02145. Most popular group from brick city 45t is H-Block.