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Born Matthew Bodi Brenowitz, better known by his stage name Bodizepha, is an American rapper. Bodi was born in Woodstock NY, In his younger years, he traveled to different countries and experienced many cultures, his parents Brooklyn born Original Hippies, exposed Bodi to all kinds of music and different lifesyles, at the age of 15 he got his first bear machine, days turned to months and months turned to years, after compleating college with a degree in Music & Video production he moved to Miami, where he established his music studio and production company "Up All Night Productions"

Leave it to a new nation, the babies that we're making, a safe haven for the crying souls, caught inside that pigeon hole, lost with no place to go, stroll inside my liquor store, I'm serving what you want and more -- Bodizepha (New Nation) [1]

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