92 Hoover Crips Gang

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92HCGVER A.K.A DOLOW GANG A.K.A 9DUCE A.K.A ORIGINAL WESTSIDE HOOVER CRIP Never to be associated the the Hoover Bloods, who became the R20's Blood gang to the south in the Adams' area. And not associated with 18th st. Hoover Locos.

Formed around Manchester Park, original Hoover crips along with the ex-90 hoover set, that was band from the gang because of disputes with fellow family members. The 90's homebase was Orchid st. & 90th, who then relocated to Long Beach and began to claim WestCoast Nine-Owe, along forming closer relations with NHC relocated to Western ave. & 94th st. after disputes with Long Beach Insane Crips.

92HCG became the breeding grounds for many other Hoover sets. Manchester Park became the heart of the Hoover sets. What was once 92 part II, located on the Normandie side, also branched out and became known as 107 Hoover, also the territory of Tookie Williams. Members of 92 groove were also affiliated with Colden Contract Crips, who later became members of the Hoover gang or East Coast Crips, other members of former gangs also joined (i.e Manchester park boys, Figueroa boys, Denver Crips) forming an alliance with Compton Crips. 92 Hoover claims the largest territory within the Hoover sets, still unknown to some. From 89th st. to the north, down to 104th Pl. to the South, from Broadway to the east and Normandie to the west.

Allied with only a few other gangs(83 Gangsters, Main st. Mafia Crips, Grape St. Watts, L.B.Insane Crips, SchoolYard Crips,103 Hard-Time Huslter Crips PlayBoy Gangsta Crips, PlayBoy Hustler Crips, Playboy Style Hustler Crips) who in times have feuded & reconciled, and others who became mortal enemies. Main rivals are the 90 NHC(including all NHCs),87gc,UnderGround Crips, Denver Lane Blood Gang(recently known as DenverLane Ganster Bloods), South Los Angeles 13 a.ka. SXL. Any traits or related culture will not be verified. Known to wear the Houston Astro's Hat, but do not totally affiliate with the colors of Orange & Blue.